18 January, 2019
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The Apollo Theater

The Apollo Theater

The Apollo Theater

The Apollo Theater is located in Hermoupolis and is one of the most popular theaters in Greece.

Founded in late 1862 by architect Pietro Sampo who at the time was working as an architect in the municipality of Hermoupolis. The building was conceived by Mich. Salvagos who was also present on the official opening on April 20, 1864.

Admiration causes the layout of the interior that competes European theaters of its time: stalls, orchestra section in front of the stage, three rows of boxes, gallery, and rich marble and painting decoration.

The theater has a stage 9 meters wide and 17,5 meters deep, velvet seats and beautiful ceiling paintings.

It is commonly believed, that the “Apollon Theater” was modeled after the famous “La Scala di Milano” Opera House.

However, other influences are evident as well; from the restored Teatro San Carlo di Napoli (1816), the theater at Castel Franco (1745) and the Teatro della Pergola in Florence (1755).

After the construction of the impressive new theater, the edge of theatrical motion continues following the welfare and prosperity of the city. Despite the downturn in the city in the coming years, the theater flourished throughout the interwar years and the biggest names in modern Greek theater hosted the scene, always with brilliant performances.

Unfortunately, during World War 2, the theater suffered damages and was used as a movie house. In the years following the war, the theater was never able to regain its former stature, even though several plays were performed there.

It reopened in 1991, while the restoration work was completed in 2000.

Today, the theater hosts several cultural events, such as the Aegean Festival and the International Festival of classical music of Cyclades.


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