10 December, 2018
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Church of Arhangels

Church of  Archangels

Church of Archangels

The church of Archangels Michael and Gabriel was built in 1898 with the initiative of Archbishop Efsevios Eleftheriou and the donations of the citizens, in a place where the orthodox dwellers of Hermoupolis used to be buried.

Among the most important benefactors were the industrialists Pantoleon K. Vardakas, Euagelos Barbetas and George Foustanos, the shipowners Michael Kouloukountis and P. Chatzilias and other businessmen , who are all mentioned in an inscription at the entrance of the church.

The church is located on Ag.Georgiou street, that leads to Ano Syros, close to the catholic cemetery. It has a separate steeple that was built in 1908 with the donations of the Konstas brothers.

It has a dome and its interior is simple. The marble, neoclassical temple was made in 1908 and the icons found in the church were painted at the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century.

The great icon of the Archangels is a donation from the Patriarch of Jerusalem to Anastasios Botsaris , a barber who offered all the money he won from the lottery to the church…


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