21 November, 2018
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Church of Metamorfosis

Church View

Church View

This church was built in 1824 by the hands of poor people and refugees from Chios and Psara , who came here to this peaceful and hospitable place, hunted by the Turks, in order to protect their lives and their families.

Miserable and poor , the Greeks of 1821 brought here whatever they could salvage from the destruction of the war and their ruined homeland. And they soon built this beautiful temple of the Transfiguration of the Savior as a symbol of their salvation.

Inside the church, holy artifacts were placed , that the people managed to save, risking their lives,from the fury of the fire and the wrath of the enemy. The sad bell from Psara was also transferred here , to remind people that they should pray for their ailing homeland.

In this church the enlightened words of Gazis, Konstantas and Vamvas were heard for the first time.
The name Hermoupolis was also heard for the first time . A name that was given to the new city from Loucas Rallis and the people that helped build it with their own hands.

And so, Hermoupolis flourished and got organized and the church got decorated with beautiful icons and silver and gold liturgical objects , all donations from trades of the island and wealthy individuals.

Basically, Metamorphosis is built with the faith of old people, the maternal pain and the dreams of a a previous era. It is built on top of the Greeks’ sacrifices in 1821.

In front of the temple ,victory songs were sang and great leaders of our nation were buried . One of them is Anthimos Gazis.

The marble cells that are built around the church offered protection and shelter to sick and homeless people.

Its big yard is made from black and white pebbles from the beaches of the island , put together in a unique way.




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