14 November, 2018
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Church of St. Dimitrios


Church of St. Dimitrios

Church of St. Dimitrios

Agios Dimitrios (Saint Dimitrios)

The church is located in the area of Vaporia , only ten minutes from the center of Hermoupolis .
After a vision that Manousos Pelekis had , the icon of Saint Dimitrios was found there. At the exact place that the icon was found , church official Filaretos built an imposing stone walled church with a dome .

In the yard of the church there is Filaretos’ grave ,who passed away in 1961. There is also an inscription that attests the finding of the icon and right beside that there is an entrance leading to the spot that the icon was found.

Close by, another church is located , the one of Ag. Apostoli. It was built thanks to Panagiotis and Maria Denaxas and under the supervision of Dorotheos B’. The Apostles are the protectors of amateur fishermen of the island.

Agios Dimitrios is the first church that visitors see, when the ferries approach the port of Syros.

The church bell tolls every time a ship comes to or leaves from the port of Hermoupolis.

The church belongs to the parish of Agios Nikolaos (Saint Nicholas).


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