10 December, 2018
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Church of St. George

Church of St. George

Church of St. George

The church of Agios Georgios was built in 1833 and was inaugurated by the bishop of Cyclades Anthimos in 1839. At the western side of the temple , where today is the vault for keeping the bones of the dead , there was Syros’ School of Theology.

Some more tombs can be found at the western side of the cemetery, along with the bones vault,a building of 1863 which was fully renovated in 1987 from mayor Pitaoulis.

All the monuments are unique and beautiful. Some of them are:

1.A sarcophagus of 1858, a stone tomb of Vladimiros Antoniadis , a three years old child from Egypt, who died while his father was away.
2.The tomb of Anastasios Apostolidis (1869),with the signature of K.Marmarinos, a sculptor from Tinos.
3.The tomb of Andreas Cosmas , who was a fighter and a captain from Hydra.
4.The tomb of Ioannis St. Proios ,built in 1857 and renovated in 1882.
5.The Mausoleum of Ekaterini Mavrokordatos, designed by Dim. Eleftheriadis in 1902.
6.The tomb of Eplidoforos Ladopoulos , built by Vitalis in 1894.
7.The tomb of Dim. Vafiadakis, a sarcophagus sculpted by Vitalis.
8.The tomb of Em. Tsiropinas, with an iron beautiful door. The time of construction is unknown.
9.The tomb of Z.D.Petrokokkinos, with Ionic columns.
10.The tomb of P.A.Avgerinos ,a great trader from Chios.
11.The tomb of Dimitrios and Theodoros Rodokanakis , a sarcophagus decorated in a way that suggests nobility .
12.The tombs of the families Proios and Krinos .
13.The tomb of Em. Psihas , built in 1888.


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