18 January, 2019
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Cyclades map

Cyclades map

The Cyclades island group in the Aegean Sea, located southeast of mainland Greece (between the 36th and 38th parallels Northern and between East 24th and 26th meridians).

The name is given by ancient geographers because of the circular array around “the sacred island of Delos” (birthplace of the goddess Artemis and god Apollo). The total population of the county is 112,615 inhabitants (2001) and the capital of the Cyclades is Syros.

The islands of the Cyclades

The Cyclades comprise about 220 islands, the major ones being Amorgos(Amorgós), Anafi(Anáfē), Andros(Ándros), Antiparos(Antíparos), Delos(Dēlos), Donousa, Ios(Íos), Kea(Kéa), Kimolos(Kímōlos), Kythnos(Kýthnos), Milos(Mēlos), Mykonos(Mýkonos), Naxos(Náxos), Paros(Páros), Folegandros(Folégandros), Serifos(Sérifos), Sifnos(Sífnos), Sikinos(Síkinos), Syros(Sýros), Tinos(Tēnos), and Thira(Thēra) or Santorini(Santoríni).

Most of the smaller islands are uninhabited.

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