17 November, 2018
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Industrial Museum

Industrial Museum

Industrial Museum

The industrial museum of Syros was inaugurated in 2000. It is housed in an old paint factory (Katsimanti), which is a building constructed in 1888. It is located across the hospital, on 11 G.Papandreou street.

Museum’s buildings

Paint factory Katsimanti

Today it hosts the permanent or temporary exhibits of the museum and it can be found on the southern side of the city (G.Papandreou 11).

Buckshot factory Anerousi

It is the only buckshot factory in Europe. Since August 2010, that opened for the public, visitors can see how buckshot was made from lead at the beginning of the past century.
The permanent exhibits of the museum are pieces of machinery used from factories of the island, such as the tannery, the textile engineering industry, the shipyard and others.

This permanent exhibition that is hosted on the ground floor of the industrial museum, consists of six units that can be found in separate showrooms.

Room 1. The city of the refugees
Room 2. Opening to the world
Room 3. The arts of the sea
Room 4. Greek shipping – Neorio
Room 5. Industrial thrive
Room 6. Temporary exhibitions

Visitors can also see a large collection of photos, maps, newspapers, architectural designs, pictures of local painters depicting the island in the 19th century, products of women association from the early 20th century and well preserved pieces of machinery, accompanied by hand tools, first material and products from the time of the industrial development in Syros.


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