18 January, 2019
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Loukoumi and Chalvadopita

Lokum of Syros

Loukoumi of Syros


Loukoumi is a product that came from Turkey(Turkish delight or lokum). It is beleived that it was an exquisite dessert made ​​a confectioner Haci Bekir for the Sultan.
In Syros it came about 150 years ago when Chian confectioners came from Constantinople, who were using as a key aroma the mastic. Confectioners from Syros quickly learned its secrets and started to make their own recipes.



The first cauldron of loukoumi in Syros was made in 1832, while the first official brand was the one of Stamatelakis in 1837.
Loukoumi of Syros became known worldwide because of its special taste, due to water and climatic conditions of the island.


Chalvadopita is also a dessert that produce the confectioners of Syros. With the main ingredient meringue and various nuts and then place it between wafers.

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