18 January, 2019
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Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving

Recently scuba diving has become a very popular sport. Syros is an island where the seabed(sea floor) is ideal for underwater walks and photography.

The peculiarity of the seabed, various caves, wrecks, reefs and underwater life is intense places you can make your submarine rides. Every year many visitors come to the island with the sole purpose to get to know Syros’ seabed.

Whether you are an expert in diving, or want to start your first lessons there are two Diving Schools in Syros, with experienced certified teachers from schools in Europe.

So you can safely start your first contact with the underwater world, or if you are an experienced diver you can get all the necessary equipment and to integrate their team for safe walking on the bottom of the island.

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