14 November, 2018
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Shore Fishing

Shore Fishing

Shore Fishing

Syros is one of the popular destinations for lovers of fishing from shore.

The clear waters, the great variety of fish and easy and quick access to good fishing spots are those which help to make holidays with your family while enjoying your favorite hobby.

You can easily go to places that are suitable for day and night fishing.

Depending on the season and how to make fishing you can fish: sargos, bream, beetles, sea bream, sea bass, sand steenbras, snappers, scorpaena(scorpionfishes), billfishes, ‘hunters’, lychee, squid, octopus.

Certainly as amateur fishermen you should know that each type of fish wants appropriately bait and certain time of day.

Fishing with a simple rod and reel with stripped fishing, light casting or casting (day or night) or even match fishing, you will not be disappointed.

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