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St. George Cathedral

Church of St. George

The Cathedral of Saint George

The Cathedral of Saint George or San Tzortzis is at the top of the hill of Ano Syros. Since about 1650 the Catholic Diocese. The building is a three-aisled basilica with an altar stone of solid marble.

The first evidence for the existence of the Cathedral of Syros dates back to 1170, this is confirmed by a marble inscription mentioning the restoration of the church in the year 1200. In 1598 the church was expanded and renovated.

During the invasion of the Ottoman fleet in 1617, the church was largely destroyed. Work on the restoration lasted many years and most of the materials used, came from the ancient city of Syros. In 1661 and in 1705 were made new additions and improvements.

Its present shape it took after the demolition of the old building in 1832 and rebuilt from scratch after the architect Chatzisimos of Tinos. The inauguration of the new church took place in 1834 and the bell tower was built in 1855.

It consists of a nave, baptistery (Chapel of the Holy Cross), the Sakrestia (sacristy), the building of the Historical Archives, the hospitality room, and the Episcopal Palace.

The big icon of Saint George in the Sanctuary is a painting of a German painter and placed there in 1854. In St. George is kept the miraculous icon of Our Lady of Hope, which saved the population of Ano Syros from cholera in August 1854, also located in the Temple and portrait of Bishop Andrew Kargas tortured and hanged by the Turks with his secretary.

The statues, icons and paintings are made by Italian artists.

In 2012 was partially destroyed by lightning in a part of the church and the bell tower and up to date there is work for its restoration.

The church celebrates every year on April 23.
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