21 November, 2018
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Syros Town Hall

Syros Town Hall

Syros Town Hall

The town hall of Syros is one of the biggest town halls in Greece.

The building was constructed between 1876 and 1891, when Dimitris Vafiadakis was mayor of Hermoupolis, based on Hernest Ziller‘s studies and it cost approximately 1.300.000 drachmas. The central part is made entirely of marble and there is a marble hanging ladder (15,5 meters wide) in its interior that leads to the first floor. Tuscan, Ionic and Corinthian order coexist in this building.

The building’s lot is 2800 m2 and was bought in 1858. Several engineers tried to complete the construction of the building but with no luck.

Every single room of the town hall has a unique story. The meeting room, where the local government meets, has oil paintings depicting Syros’ mayors, King George I and Queen Olga, created by the artist Sp. Prosalentis. At the ground floor there are several shops.

In 1998 a restoration of the town hall began. Several Ziller’s projects were completed and Anna Vasilaki decorated the interior. Today, the building houses offices of the Municipality of Hermoupolis, Courts,the Archaeological Museum of Syros and other public services.


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