18 January, 2019


Syros transportation

Syros TAXI

Taxi in Syros, as in all parts of Greece, is a very common means of transportation. Taxi drivers of Syros are distinguished for their helpfulness, courtesy and impeccable professionalism.
Drivers are aware of each region and will lead you from the shortest route to the place you want to go. Most often they simultaneously act as tour guide!

Even if you have the misfortune to forget an item into a taxi, it is certain that they will find a way to locate you and deliver it in your hand.

All cars are in good shape with air conditioning and other amenities, which makes one of the most affordable, reliable, comfortable transportation on Syros island providing exceptional service to visitors.

There are two taxi stands, the central stand next to the port and the second in Square Platea Heroon. Operate toll free.

TAXI phone numbers in Syros
HERMES: 22810 84222-22810 80000 – TAXIPLON: 18222

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