14 December, 2018
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Underwater fishing in Syros

Spear fishing in Syros

Spear fishing in Syros

Every summer people engaged in spearfishing are visiting Syros, as well as other cycladic islands.

If you want to fish underwater without using a boat, there are many places you can go to with your car and with a 3-4 minutes dive you can be deeper than 15 meters, or go to a reef where preys are waiting for your.

If you have a boat, in most villages there are suitable places to take it to the sea and begin your adventure at the cycladic sea floor.

The bottom of the island is also known for the nests of dusky grouper. For many years Italians, who love the sport, are visiting the island just for this reason.

Also there are many passages that you can trap for amberjacks, tuna and others. The seabed of Syros has many beetles, sea bream, sea bream, scorpion, sterile, octopuses, stingrays, moray eels and eels.

Main course is for your own safety obey any rules of piety that has this sport not bother to mention them because you surely know better than anyone.

We hope that the underwater fishing in Syros will not disappoint you.

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