18 January, 2019
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Foinikas(Finikas/Phoenix) is a fishing village located 11 km from the port of Syros. According to the tradition the first inhabitants were the Phoenicians, and the village was named after them.

Along the coastal road in Foinikas, you will find many taverns and cafes. In the center of the village there are 4 super markets, gas station, car rentals, bakery, pharmacy and other shops. There you will find a small in length and width, but easily accessible beach filled with tamarisks(small trees).

Access to Foinikas is very easy as there are daily routes by bus to and from the region. It can also be done by your own vehicle, the route is very easy (good roads).Also, if you have a boat or yacht, you can easily anchor safely in the fully equipped marina.

West of Foinikas, within walking distance from the center of the village there is a very small beach called Sousouni. Near the village is the area called Kokkina(=Red) with a small beach and several hotels and lodgings.

Around the last week of August is the feast in the village of kakavia(=fish soup). Finally, a festival held on July 27, at the church of St. Panteleimon.

Foinikas has a volleyball team that competes in the First Division.


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